The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 16 Recap and Review Fleas

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Fleas 1.16

- At home, Eli discovers that someone is tweeting about Alicia and Peter's life. The law firm takes in a case defending the lawyer of a drug dealer. Read the Vitemo recap and review to find out what happened on CBS's The Good Wife.


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A specialist meets with Diane and Will and suggests how they can cut costs. He recommends they use a self policing hydration policy under the guise of going green. Will calls Alicia's phone and gets Peter instead. Will says he will try later.

Alicia and Cary meet with the Dorfman family who are working on setting up their new law firm office. Alicia convinces Mr. Dorfman to combine their lawsuit. Federal agents arrive lead by Hastings Rivers arrive and charge Dorfman for the murder of Kelly Gerber Smith. Alicia and Cary protest to Rivers for not taking their files. Cary records the incident with his cellphone.

Cary plays the video for Diane and Will. He explains Dorfman was defending a drug dealer named Lemond Bishop and accused of giving him the name of Kelly Gerber Smith, who was a witness that was later killed. Alicia tells them they want their firm to get him out of jail, but Will and Diane are concerned that his assets are frozen.

Cary and Alicia see workers pull flowers and wonder if they are cutting costs. Peter calls Alicia and tells her that Eli needs to see their tax returns. She directs him to go under the bed in a box called house files. After Alicia tells him about her near arrest, Peter describes Rivers as a zealot. Peter tells her that she left her phone and Will called.

Peter looks in Alicia's nightstand drawer to find a letter opener and discovers a pack of condoms.

Will plays basketball with other lawyers. Rivers arrives and advises Will not to take the Dorfman case. Will figures that he is being threatened by the Feds and announces it to the other lawyers. Will informs Rivers that he convinced him to represent Dorfman.

Eli explains to Peter that there is an anonymous twitter account that is saying things about Alicia and him. Eli says some of the things he is saying is true including that they sleep in different rooms. Daniel explains the tweets will might be picked up by the mainstream and broadcast. Eli suggests they flood twitter with conflicting reports. Peter wonders who knows about their personal details. Eli says the twitter poster is alleging that there is a relationship between Will and Alicia.

Will arrives at court to defend Dorfman in front of Judge Lessner. Rivers explains that Kelly was brutally tortured after she agreed to testify against Dorfman's client. He says they found carpet fibers on the body that has been linked to Dorfman. The judge interjects Will's statements by describing them as his opinion. The judge requests Will to preface his statements as his opinion. Rivers states that his opinion is that Dorfman is the only person who could gain from Kelly's death. The judge orders Dorfman to detained before trial.

At the firm, Will asks the associates to find out if Kelly was killed because of the case. Kalinda suggests she speak to Bishop to find out if he wanted her dead.

Alicia and Kalinda meet with Bishop and his bodyguard at his stable. Bishop tells them that Dorfman was a good lawyer. Kalinda informs him that Dorfman is being accused of leaking the name of Kelly to him. They ask him to steer them to the direction of what really happened. Bishop insists he is only a businessman. He tells them not to suspect him of selling drugs because he is black. The bodyguard tells Alicia and Kalinda that Rivers found the SUV that carried the dead witness. He says Rivers found the SUV two weeks ago and advises they fight the inclusion of it as evidence.

In court, the judge allows the SUV to be entered into evidence. Rivers says he found the impression of a note written to Kelly on the console. He says the name was written incorrectly just like it was written on the witness list that Dorfman possessed. Will insists they should exclude the SUV since Rivers hid it. Will insists Judge Lessner to rule on his objection. He tells her that if she doesn't sustain or overrule, the case has a lesser chance of being appealed. Will informs her that she has a record of encouraging lawyers to continue without rulings. Lessner orders a lunch recess.

At the firm, Will orders his associates to attack the carpet fibers found on the body. Julius reports that the carpet fiber is one of the most common in the nation. Kalinda says she is looking for any connections between Rivers's other prosecutors and Bishop's crew.

Alicia finds Eli waiting in her office. He reads the latest tweet about her and says he is concerned that it will be used in a news story. Alicia wonders if Cary is posting the details. Later, Alicia asks her secretary if Cary heard that the movers put in a new bed into her apartment. The secretary insists she is discrete. Alicia becomes suspicious as Cary puts down his phone just after a new twitter post shows up. Alicia sees that someone just left a bag full of cash in her office and shows Kalinda the money.

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