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Law and Order SVU Episode Guide


NBC (1999 - Present)
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The New York City Special Victims Unit is charged to investigate the city's most vicious crimes. Elliot Stabler is a detective who takes his cases personally. His partner, Olivia Benson, puts the victims feelings over the justice system. Psychiatrist, Dr. George Huang, provides comfort, analysis and consultation for the unit. The unit solves cases involving rape, child abuse, and criminal sexual abuse.

Actor Character
Christopher Meloni Det. Elliot Stabler
Mariska Hargitay Det. Olivia Benson
Richard Belzer Sgt. John Munch
Ice T Det. Odafin Tutuola
Dann Florek Capt. Don Cragen
B.D. Wong Dr. George Huang
Michaela McManus Kim Grayleck
Tamara Tunie Dr. Melinda Warner

Season 10

Episode 1 - Trials

While investigating a case involving a foster child, Olivia discovers that the case could be the missing link to solve a rape case from her past.

Episode 2 - Confession

Benson is approached by a young man who fears that he can no longer control his urges. Benson wants to help him before it is too late. Will she succeed?

Episode 3 - Swing

Elliot's daughter is caught up in drugs and he asks for help from his mother.

Episode 4 - Lunacy

A murder victim leads Elliot to reunite and enlist the help of a longtime friend.

Episode 5 - Retro

A case involving a sick baby leads the team to a doctor that denies the existence of AIDS.

Episode 6 - Babes

A man set ablaze has the team following a trail of clues leading to a private Catholic school.

Episode 7 - Wildlife

A murdered animal smuggler forces Elliot to go undercover and infiltrate the mob world.

Episode 8 - Persona

The investigation of a domestic violence case uncovers a murderer trying to live a new life.

Episode 9 - PTSD

Olivia finds herself about to go over the edge as she investigates a pregnant female soldier who was brutally murdered after claiming she was raped.

Episode 10 - Smut

Olivia and Elliot try to convict a serial rapist whose victims may not even remember being attacked.

Episode 11 - Stranger

A young woman who disappeared returns to her family but has trouble leading the detectives to the person that held her captive.

Episode 12 - Hothouse

Olivia and Elliot investigate the death of a child prodigy.

Episode 13 - Snatched

Elliot works with ex-cons to try to find a kidnapped girl.

Episode 14 - Transitions

The team investigates the attack on a father of a transgendered child.

Episode 15 - Lead

A pediatrician who was convicted of molesting his patients is killed and the team learns that his murderer may be developmentally challenged.

Episode 16 - Ballerina

The detective investigate a former dancer who might be a black widow. Carol Burnett and Matthew Lillard guest star in this episode.

Episode 17 - Hell

The team investigates the murder of a former African child refugee whose throat was slashed and learn that the case is connected to two former Ugandan war criminals.

Episode 18 - Baggage

Elliot is paired with an abrasive detective to investigate a serial killer. During the investigation, Elliott learns that the detective has ulterior motives for working the case.

Episode 19 - Selfish

Olivia and Elliot investigate a party girl's daughter gone missing.

Episode 20 - Crush

As the team investigates a 'sexting' case involving an abused teenage girl, they uncover a corrupt judge who issues unusually harsh penalties for borderline sexual offenses.

Episode 21 - Liberties

When a woman seeks to have restraining order placed against her ex-boyfriend, the judge asks Olivia and Elliot to question a convicted serial killer about the location of his son's body.

Episode 22 - Zebras

The detectives search for a paranoid man suspected of being responsible for a murder spree.

Season 11

Episode 1 - Unstable

Olivia and Elliot join forces with Nate, a NARC cop who hates to deal with victims. Together, they try to solve a recent string of rape cases that Elliot discovers is related to a case he closed ten years ago.

Episode 2 - Sugar

The team is exposed to the world of online dating as they investigate a dead naked woman thrown off a train.

Episode 3 - Solitary

The detectives look into a possible rape and abduction of a woman by an ex-con that Elliot busted 19 years ago. Later, Elliot spends time in prison to get in the mind of a criminal.

Episode 5 - Hardwired

A woman and her son was abused by his step father is used as bait to take down the leader of a pedophile organization. During trial, the man describes his actions as normal.

Episode 6 - Spooked

With the help of Olivia's former handler Agent Porter, the team investigates the rape and murder of a suspected drug mule.

Episode 7 - Users

The team investigates a youth center set up by a man who they suspect is taking advantage of his patients and their parents.

Episode 8 - Turmoil

Elliot's son disappears with his drug using friend. Meanwhile, Alex runs into an obstacle while prosecuting a case of a high school girl who was raped during a party.

Episode 9 - Perverted

Elliot and the team rush to clear Olivia's name after she is framed for the murder of motorcycle gang member.

Episode 10 - Anchor

After the strangulation deaths of several children, the suspects lawyer defends his client by claiming that a outspoken TV host brainwashed him.

Episode 11 - Quickie

After investigating a rape and murder case, the detectives look into a case involving a man who is knowingly infecting women with HIV.

Episode 12 - Shadow

The team investigate an heiress who they suspect killed her parents over greed. Olivia teams up with a detective from the Special Frauds division. Guest starirng Naveen Andrews and Sarah Paulson.

Episode 13 - Savior

The team searches for a Bible quoting murderer who targets prostitutes. Guest starring Mischa Barton.

Episode 14 - PC

The team search for a killer who is targeting lesbians. Guest starring Kathy Griffin.

Episode 15 - Confidential

The team investigates the death of a woman who is linked to a past case in which someone was unjustly imprisoned.

Episode 16 - Witness

The team has doubts that a woman was actually raped since she barely remembers that a black woman saved her from a masked attacker.

Episode 17 - Disabled

The team investigates a case involving the rape of a disabled woman. Guest starring Jill Scott and Quinton Aaron from the Blind Side.

Episode 18 - Bedtime

The team reopens a serial case after a woman is murdered. Later, the detectives ask a retired officer to help on another case. Guest starring Ann Margret.

Episode 19 - Conned

With the help of Fin's son, Ken, Fin and Munch search for a schizophrenic teenager who killed a con artist.

Episode 20 - Beef

The team looks into the death of a woman who went undercover at a meat processing plant.

Episode 21 - Torch

The team investigates the death of two girls which they suspect were the victims of arson. Jo, Elliot's ex-partner, becomes the new ADA assigned to SVU. Guest starring Sharon Stone.

Episode 22 - Ace

Jo, Olivia and Elliot investigate a murderous illegal adoption ring after the rape of a pregnant woman.

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