Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 23 and 24 Recap and Review Sanctuary / Death and All His Friends

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Sanctuary / Death and All His Friends 6.23 and 24

- A gunman seeks revenge for his wife who died in the hospital. Meredith learns that she is pregnant. The staff is in lockdown while shots are fired. Read the Vitemo recap and review to find out who was killed and what happened on the season finale of ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

s06e23 and s06e24

In this double episode season finale, the doctor's past mistakes as the husband of a patient arrives to seek revenge for his wife who ordered the hospital not to keep her alive. After losing his malpractice case, Gary Clark, the husband of the deceased, arrives with a jacket full of ammo to take out the people he thinks were responsible --- Derek, Lexie and Webber. Frustrated from the lack of help given to him from the busy staffers, Gary opens fire and puts the hospital in lock down while the doctors still try to tend to their patients.

The episodes before tonight's served well to build up to the explosive and gripping season conclusion. With Webber being forced to step aside due to his alcohol addiction, Derek, as the new chief of staff, was the person forced to make the tough and correct decision to remove Mrs. Clark from life support. This death lead to the Gary's thirst for blood to pay back for the loss of the person he most loved.

Although I may sound misanthropic, I am glad the hospital staff was reduced by the shooting incident that took many of the tertiary characters' lives who were recently introduced during this season's merger plot. This season of this show, unlike the spinoff Private Practice, seemed scattered and unfocused with the multiple characters and the short time given to the ensemble of actors. Now that there are less main characters, hopefully, they will focus on developing the personalities of those who remain.

Even though this episode was exciting from the start to the last few scenes, I felt the intensity was unbelievably extended. The major problem that I had with this episode was the police reaction to the gunmen. I thought this episode reflected poorly on the Seattle Police force. I recall when I lived in Seattle and when the police pinned down a man with a sword by using a ladder. I think the police there are more resourceful and efficient than what was portrayed. The biggest flaw was when the sniper shot Gary and didn't follow up to neutralize him which is something that was totally unrealistic, but kept Lexie and the drama alive.

Read the full recap below.

SPOILER ALERT: Who made it and who died in this episode of Grey's Anatomy?

  • Reed was shot first in the head after she refused to help Gary locate Derek's office.
  • Alex was shot in the abdomen, but survived after Mark and Lexie saved him.
  • Several security guards and other doctors were offed.
  • Charles Percy was shot and died a slow and antagonizing death while Bailey and another patient hopelessly tried to help him.
  • Owen was shot while trying to protect Cristina, but lived.
  • Derek was shot in the chest, but was saved by Cristina and Jackson Avery.
  • Meredith miscarried
  • Gary Clark shot himself in the head with his last bullet instead of shooting Webber and being apprehended by SWAT.
This review and recap was written by Kristofer M.
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Alex knocks Lexie out of bed after they get a page. A woman cries after she learns that her loved one died. Webber shows a waitress her AA chip that shows he is six months sober. Cristina and Callie can't control their crying.

Meredith looks over her pregnancy test and sees that she is positive. She passes by Gary Clark who recently lost his malpractice case against Derek.

Meredith tells Cristina that she is pregnant. Cristina pretends she is over Teddy and Owen's relationship.

Gary asks Alex where Derek is, but he doesn't know. Arizona treats a girl named Ruby who says Lexie will help in the surgery. Alex tells Callie about a patient named Jason. Owen sees that Teddy is still upset that he didn't back her up.

Charles and Bailey tell patient named Mary and her huband Bill that she has to get a blood transfusion before her next surgery. She says she wants the surgery since she wants to get rid of her colostomy bag. Mary orders Bill to grab her some pizza even though she has to get an enema as a result.

A woman learns that her husband Pete was shot after he got into a car accident. After Pete crashes, Owen tells her to say goodbye since he may die.

Gary looks for Derek, but the staff is busy. He meets with Reed in the supply closet and asks to know where Derek is. After she refuses to help, he pulls out a gun and shoots her in the head. After Alex arrives, Gary shoots him in the abdomen.

Alex manages to pull himself into an elevator. He sees Reed's dead body as he rides.

In his office, Derek, who is busy with paperwork, tells Meredith he would love to go back to surgery. She tells him she has something to tell him when they get home.

During surgery, Cristina updates Teddy about a patient. Owen invites Cristina to scrub in, but she refuses. After Owen follows, Cristina asks Owen if he loves Teddy, but he doesn't answer. She tells him they are done, then leaves.

In the supply closet, April slips on Reed's pool of blood and freaks out after she finds her body. She tells Derek that blood usually doesn't bother her, but she didn't think Reed would have so much. She says Reed was shot to death.

In the elevator, Gary asks Cristina where Derek's office is. After she gives him detailed directions, he thanks her. After he disembarks, he tells her have a nice day.

Derek calls the police and orders a hospital lockdown. He comforts April and leaves her in his office to check on the other doctors.

In the cafe, Webber sees a convoy of police approaching the hospital and rushes out.

Arizona and Callie learns that they are in lockdown. She tells the staff that they have to seal the floor. Callie tells Arizona she doesn't like being stuck on the same floor with her.

Bailey visits Mary who says Bill hasn't returned. She gets a page that informs her that they are on lockdown.

Derek enters the operating room and tells Jackson that there is a shooter in the hospital. He tells him not to leave after they stabilize their patient. Jackson returns to the operating table without telling Owen and Teddy what he just learned.

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