Criminal Minds Season 5 Episode 22 Recap and Review The Internet Is Forever - Page 2

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Meanwhile, the unsub hacks into Allison's phone after she sends a photo.

At the station, the team figures the unsub takes the body to a second location where he preserves them. Emily hands over a sketch of what the person looks like. They figure that the unsub is proficient in electronics. The team figures that the unsub is narcissistic and should not be denigrated.

The unsub watches as the police gives a description of the killer. John suggests they not update their social profile pages. The press asks if the victims look similar to the killer, but they refuse to answer.

Emily tells the team she thinks someone leaked their profile.

Garcia says she can find the killer faster. They see that the unsub has activated his video while he rushes into a woman's kitchen. Garcia is ordered to track the viewers while the unsub chokes Allison to death.

Garcia tells Derek that she wants to make the unsub suffer. He assures her that they will find the unsub.

The team travels to Allison's home and figures that the unsub was angry. They wonder if the unsub made a mistake during his rush. Derek finds a fiber optic cable that is not normal.

At the station, the team figures if the unsub works for an internet communication company. They figure the unsub was let inside to demonstrate the speed of the increased bandwidth.

Hotch and David arrest a man named Austin who watched the murder online. He insists he didn't watch a murder.

At an ISP, the team learns that a former employee named Mac Jones horded fiber optic cables and wanted to sell them door to door.

Garcia says Mac Jones was a stolen identity. She figures that the unsub used multiple identities that he burned through. She says she can locate the unsub by using his hacker name.

At the station, Derek interviews a man named Scott who was caught watching the murder video. He tells him that they found child porn on his hard drive that was not password protected. Scott says the person who brought him into the club sendt them videos to insure that they will both fall if he gets caught. He and another watcher says the hacker's name is watcher89. Emily learns that watcher89 plans on committing another murder later that night.

David tells Austin that the other suspects have collateral on their hard drives. David says they didn't find anything on his computers and wonders what he is hiding. Austin claims that his grandkids were over last night. David shows Austin a photo of the unsub who he recognizes as a customer. He says the man told him he liked his website that his son designed.

David tells Hotch that Austin doesn't fit the profile of voyeurs. Hotch says Garcia looked at the website and found it crude. Garcia says she found watcher89 who is leeching off the city network. After Garcia sends the team of potential victims, Spencer looks over them and figures a woman named Lucy will be the next target.

Emily and Derek enter Lucy's home and finds that she is not home. The television comes on where they see a video of a live woman hanging on hooks. After he notices a camera on top of the tv, Derek figures that the unsub is recording them.

Garcia magnifies the video and figures the woman is in a walk in freezer. David asks Austin if he gave the unsub a place to hide the bodies. David accuses Austin that he has something better than computer porn. David asks Austin for help in exchange for a reduced sentence. After Austin admits where the freezer is, Garcia is able to hack into the unsub's computer. In the freezer, the unsub dons a mask, starts to choke Lucy, but stops after his connection goes down. He tries to restart his internet, but can't. He starts to choke Lucy, but Derek and the team find him and pull him off. Emily sees that the freezer is full of the dead victims hanging on hooks. The unsub says his followers understand why he killed the women.

Later, David shows Austin an internet story about him being an accessory to murder.

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