Criminal Minds Season 5 Episode 22 Recap and Review The Internet Is Forever

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The Internet Is Forever 5.22

- The team travels to Idaho to find a killer who is broadcasting murders online. Read the Vitemo recap and review to find out what happened on CBS's Criminal Minds.


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A masked man enters a home and the bedroom of a woman.

Later, the team go over the recent string of kidnapping of twenty year old women in Idaho. The team learns that the women were not reported until a few days afterwards.

Garcia says all of the women state that they are going on vacation on social networks, but the messages were posted after they were abducted. They figure the unsub is the person who posted the details. Hotch wonders what the unsub does after he abducts the women.

Meanwhile, the unsub watches video of himself while he enters the bedrooms.

While flying to Boise they wonder if they can use the social networks to find the killer. They learn that John Fordham will be their police contact. David states his opinion that the minor details shared in the networks are boring. Derek figures the unsub talks his way inside and knows the layout. They wonder who was thought to be harmless when let inside the homes.

At the station, John tells the team that he has a building full of witnesses and family members. David speaks to the mother of a victim named Paula. She says Paula frequently updates her friends on her profile page to the point where she expects her to keep up.

Another woman tells Spencer that her friend who was a victim posted constantly since they both worked in real estate. She says posting info on the profile page is just as addictive as crack.

The boyfriend of a victim named Dorris tells JJ that his girlfriend had a dog named Bruno who she trained as a guard dog. He looks over the photos of a display case taken at Dorris's house and says it doesn't look right since some photos were rearranged.

At the home, Derek and Emily find marks on the walls. They figure that the unsub put up cameras then took them down.

Meanwhile, the unsub looks up the profile page of a woman named Allison then watches her shower on his camera.

Derek and Emily inform Hotch that the unsub installs tiny cameras that can be used to send data anywhere in the world. They figure the person uses one camera in the front door, then works on installing more. The team wonders what the unsub is doing with the videos. Spencer wonders if there is a similar resemblance between the victims.

Garcia informs the team that she found that the unsub used a proxy server to upload the videos. Garcia is able to find a video of the masked unsub as he entered Dorris's home, let out the dog, then entered the bedroom. Garcia looks away while the man strangles the woman to death. David wonders if the women are worth more to the unsub as a corpse than living people.

Garcia states that the unsub set up a chat room for people to watch the murders. Hotch figures the unsub has fans.

David wonders what the unsub is doing with the bodies afterwards. Garcia says the unsub hacks in the victim's network. She figures that the man will use the same technique in which she will catch. She says she will be able to find the location of the hack within seven minutes, but Hotch says it is too slow.

Spencer informs the team that the victims have facial similarities. David wonders if the unsub looks like the victims he kills.

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