Bones Season 5 Episode 22 Recap and Review The Beginning in the End

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The Beginning in the End 5.22

- The team investigates the death of a hoarder. Booth and Bones are given the choice to separate and pursue different careers. Angela's dad asks Hodgins for a favor. Read the Vitemo recap and review to find out what happened on the season finale of Fox's Bones.


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In a bedroom apartment, a boy jumps on his bed and tells him mom it is snowing inside. The mother pulls him off the bed just before the ceiling collapses and drops a dead body.

Booth and Bones arrives at the scene to investigate. Bones tells him about her want to study a recently discovered lost tribe called the Maluku.

Morgan, the landlord, complains that it will hard to rent the apartment since someone died in it. The team arrives at the apartment and sees that the owner was a hoarder. Cam figures the person was killed a while ago, but Bones says the insects probably quickly destroyed the body. Hodgins and Booth discover a blood stain on the floor.

At the lab, the team learns that the body belongs to a middle aged man named Timothy. Daisy announces that she has been accepted to study the Maluku project. Bones sees that the body was hacked which Cam figures was a crime of passion. Cam sees that Bones is jealous of Daisy's new position.

Sweets discusses hoarding with Booth. They see a Colonel watching them and wonder what he wants. He tells him that the military needs him to train soldiers, but Booth says he already served his country.

Sweets goes to the apartment where he finds Hodgins photographing the hoarder's belongings. Hodgins figures the pest damage caused the floor to collapse below. Hodgins sees that Angela's father is on the street, but Sweets doesn't see him.

At the interrogation room, Morgan tells Booth that he tried to get Timothy evicted using every method he could. Morgan says he knows he is a suspect since the apartment was valuable and could have been rented for more, but insists he wanted to get rid of Timothy legally.

Bones catches Booth speaking to the Colonel at the cafe and sees that he is reluctant to share what the meeting was about. Booth shows her a letter from the Department of Defense. He says the military is tempting him with a promotion to get him back in. Booth says he doesn't want to go since he thinks he has a job to do there.

Daisy tells Bones that she thinks she is wrong with her initial analysis. They see that the wounds of the victim started to heal before he died. Bones and Daisy hold the bones and feel that it is lighter than normal.

Angela and Bones work on determining how Timothy lived. They see that the victim started hording four years ago. Bones wonders if she values things that are essentially worthless. Bones shares that she doesn't think the murders they investigate adds to much. She wonders if she should take a break away from Booth to study the Maluku. Bones tells Angela about the offer given to Booth.

While driving back home, Booth compliments Parker on his fast ball. Parker asks if he is going back to the Army, but Booth says he wants to be with him. Parker says he thinks he will be able to save lives if he was in Afghanistan. Booth changes the subject and invites him to go grab a root beer float.

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