Bones Season 5 Episode 19 Recap and Review The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle

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The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle 5.19

- A body of a middle aged rock and roll camp attendee is found in a hotel laundry room. Cam sneaks around behind Michelle with her new man. Read the Vitemo recap and review to find out what happened on Fox's Bones.


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A man shows a woman the large and hot laundry area of a hotel in an attempt to impress her before they have dinner. The woman notices a skull in a industrial sized washing machine.

After the team arrives, Booth shows Bones the new tie that Katherine got for him. Booth reports that the body could have been in the pile for two days.

Bones sees that the victim was a middle aged man. She figures the tie that Booth received is a social contract placed by Katherine. Cam asks Bones if she can refer a new gynecologist for Michelle since she is at that age, but Booth doesn't want to discuss that. Booth notices a body part that he thinks is an eyeball, but Cam tells him the part confirms that the victim was a male.

At the lab, Arastoo shows Bones that he found a hole in the man's mouth he suspects was from oral surgery. They find a wrist injury that Arastoo reports that is common with baseball players. He says he also found other fixed injuries that indicates that the man was a rock climber. Cam say the man is missing his second testicle.

At the diner, Sweets tells the team the victim's dangerous life might compensate for the man's loss of his testicle. Bones goes over scenarios in which a testicle might have to be removed, but Booth says he doesn't want to hear it. Bones says she is intrigued by Katherine and Booth's relationship.

Cam meets with a doctor named Paul to interview him to become Michelle's gynecologist. She asks him if he is comfortable and sensitive about talking about having sex for the first time. The doctor says he deals with a lot of teenagers who feel free to speak with him. After the doctor mistakes that she is married, he corrects him.

Cam sees that Hodgins found a prosthetic testicle. Angela reconstructs the organ to try to find the serial number.

Using the serial number, Booth reports that that the victim was named Richard Cole, a real estate agent who left all of his money to a cancer fighting charity. Booth says Richard attends fantasy camps every year. Booth shows Bones that Richard was attending a music fantasy camp run by Simon Graham at the hotel.

Booth tells Bones that Simon and Richard were going through a real estate deal. After they arrive at the hotel, Booth is upset that the attendees are not truly rockers. After talking to two campers, Gino and Bebe, they learn that Richard and Simon were arguing during the camp. They walk to the stage and see Eric Dalton as he plays his guitar. Bones wants to get to the case and unplugs Eric from the amp. Booth asks about Richard and plugs Eric back in to let him play.

Arastoo says he can't distinguish the victim's injuries as caused by the washing machine or from the cause of death. Arastoo says he is a very good baseball player and invites Hodgins to play for his mosque team.

Sweets asks to sit in while Booth interviews Simon since he is a fan. Simon tells the team that he thinks Richard was in his camp for all the wrong reasons. Booth asks him about the Stockyard, which is a rock club that Richard wanted to tear down. Simon says that Richard promised not to destroy the club if he promised him to play a song with Eric Dalton. Simon says he agreed to let Richard play, but he died before he had a chance.

Cam tells Michelle about Paul as a person she can go to so she can talk about sex. Michelle insists she isn't having sex with her boyfriend Perry. Cam admits that she doesn't know how to talk about her sex life.

Arastoo and Hodgins talk to Angela about baseball. Hodgins gives Arastoo a bone that he recognizes comes from a wooly mammoth. Angela reports that the bone is actually a guitar pick. She says Eric Dalton uses a similar pick. Angela plays a video that shows Eric as he beats up a fan who rushed the stage during a concert.

Eric tells the team that Richard didn't belong at the camp. Booth accuses him of being on drugs and attacking Richard, but Eric insists he has been clean for years. After Bones finds signs of a struggle in his hotel room, Eric says two campers got into a fight there. He says he left and spent some time with a girlfriend.

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